Another Speedpaint – Mythical Creature Practice


I’m a fan of the fantasy genre, especially in anime that tends to have youkai, demons and other mystical creatures that are quite interesting. Also, I have recently finished reading a manga that had a merman character in it which prompted me to try to draw one myself.

The male anatomy in my digital drawing isn’t that good, so I will need to practice more with shirtless guys :3 and I haven’t sketched people with long hair before. I take pride in the hair that turned out nice despite it being my first try at drawing the long variety. This artwork was mainly created for trying to finish digital art without obvious line art, because I’m bad at it.

The background is very simple, with blended shades of blue to give an underwater look and I think I should’ve added fishes, but I will try that next time. I really liked how glossy the hair came out and didn’t expect it to come out that way at all, since I was blending colours randomly.

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