A World Update

For anyone who is still a Hamumu Software enthusiast, a new world merge organised by me has been finished and is now up for grabs. Ancient Merge I, developed by four people (i.e. HappyStikBeaver, Pup514, Triangular and REACTOR, a.k.a. me) is based on the ancient theme and features eight levels with half being challenging and half easy.














Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be a second Yearly Merge anytime soon. The key centre of the Hamumu Software community, i.e. the forum, is currently down for maintenance and “big changes ahead”. It appears that the circle of world builders is dying out, no longer can collaborative projects be achieved. Perhaps they could have five years ago, but with the current climate it’s impossible. To finish Yearly Merge I from beginning to end took one year, as participation was scarce and procrastination was common.

But there are also two other worlds available, Halloween Horror 13 – RR (revised) and World Of Lunacy (collaborative effort between Hammer Up! and I). All three can be found on the following page: http://www.ninjadoggyinc.com/?page_id=926


Additionally, the cloud server for hosting these downloads has changed from Dropbox to Yandex Disk. If the worlds have errors, bugs or glitches, Sebastian Sk. can be contacted via his email as printed in the “About” page to address any possible issues.

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