Foray into Oil Painting

I had my first try at oil painting a year ago when I received a set for this specific purpose. Such paints give a more translucent feeling to illustrations than other pigments such as acrylics, but they come at the cost of having to use turpentine to clean brushes at the end of a session. Nevertheless, the artworks produced are stunning as demonstrated by classical works and modern-day landscape pieces. Below are a few of my own oil paintings but I still need to improve my art:

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The Sherbet of Martyrdom. My very first oil painting based on a saying by the Ottoman traveller Evilya Celebi who lived during the 17th century. The background requires more smoothing and gradation is minimal. One of his views was that divine intoxication should be obtained by dying on the battlefield fighting for a religious cause, rather than quaffing wine.
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Oil of Vitriol. My second oil painting based on the alchemical procedure of producing oil of vitriol (now known as sulfuric acid in the present day) via the roasting of green sulfate(II) crystals in a retort. This image has references to alchemical symbols involved in the making of this acid and the kidney refers to the severe damage caused to this tissue if sulfuric acid were to be ingested.
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Everything in Moderation. My third oil painting based on the neuropositive effects of alcohol, in which it was suggested by certain scientific studies that alcohol taken in small amounts could be beneficial for various aspects of the body such as the nervous system.









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