“Good Boy”

Lately there have been some family and school problems going on and as such I didn’t feel motivated to do much of anything for a long time. But when I did have the inkling to draw, it was quick and was- in essence- an outlet for my negative emotions at the time. Some of those are uploaded on my Tumblr account (link is available in my first post) but they are rather simplistic and devoid of much structured effort compared to my other drawings.

I’m feeling better now and, as if continuing with those dregs of unpleasant emotions, drew this picture (on view at the top of the post) in my large sketchbook some days ago. I’m really happy with how the shading came out as it resulted in a rather clean look that I managed to achieve without the use of smudging the lead. I got the tip of my graphite pencil broad enough to draw these smooth strokes that kinda blended in with each other to form these patches of shadow. As such, I’m deeply satisfied despite the rather grotesque quality of the piece.

As to what I was conveying in this drawing. Well, my family does have a dog, a bull terrier in fact (the original mascot for this website). Don’t get me wrong, I love her to bits, but she has bitten me a few times before. The most recent and most prominent is a bite on my hand as a consequence of a certain accident. It left a noticeable scar that will probably only fully fade away in one or two years. I’ve forgiven my little doggo (because she is so darn adorable and the accident was partly my fault as well), but a developed fear had crept into my mind because of the past distressing incidents.

I’ve become more cautious around my dog and refrain from petting her for long or at all. A resulting prominent irrational fear that served as inspiration for this drawing is worrying that she will bite my face if I draw too close to her. Well, in this unfortunate person’s case, half of his face was mawed off.

I previously stated that this was the result of leftover vexatious emotions. Although, the original intention was not this case, I am reminded of some of those emotions when I view my drawing again. It reminds me of betrayal, being two-faced and discomfort when among those that you should love. The first two I attribute to school while the latter I relate to the family problems I mentioned as well.

I could write more, but I think any more words would only bore a reader who has happened upon this page. This is the end of this post and I shall bid you adieu until I come back to upload another.

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