How I Got Started In Drawing

In this post I will focus on what motivates artists to draw. But everyone is different, so the things I mention may not apply to others. I will write about how I got interested in drawing for now. c:

I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, I guess you can say, and my drawings started out as little scribbles. I really liked to watch YouTube videos and I still do to this day. Normally, they were films of stickmen fighting and animator vs animation types. Those clips started to motivate me to draw and the stick man phase then begun! XD

One of my first comics.
One of my first comics.

I even drew little comics with stickmen in it and I recall that one of them was centered around vampires. As I grew older, I forgot about that obsession and started to browse more digital art. I was so impressed by them that I wanted to draw as good as those artists too. But what really enlivened me to actually try art, was when I discovered anime.

The simplest form of artistic expression.
The simplest form of artistic expression.

The first series I watched was Fairy Tail, but that soon got boring. So, I would say Kuroshitsuji was the series that motivated me truly. Yay for black comedy getting me into anime and drawing. XD

Right now in the present, my drawings have gotten a whole lot better since I first began. I guess you could say that I draw in an anime style, but I like it (it’s a fun hobby for me as well). I mostly draw for myself and that could be because not many people notice me on Deviant Art yet. ^^;

I really love drawing, a lot of ideas come into my head when I think about what to draw. It’s fun, but only if you are propelled to do so or have a passion for doing it. It’s no use doing something you hate.

In my opinion, artists should not only draw for their audience, but for themselves as well. You can really put a lot of emotion into art. But I’m still a beginner since I just started paying attention to the body proportions and other aspects. For now, find something that inspirits you if you want to start drawing. Whether you are just accomplishing it for yourself or for a big audience.

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