The Worm – Sebastian Sk.

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There was a man named Bakchos, who lived near the shores of Greece. He was twenty-six years old, and worked as a part-time owner of a café. Although Greece was going through an economic crisis, he had a good life, but a dark history.

In Bakchos’ university days, he had often stolen money from his colleagues, and spent it unwisely on various university courses. He never had a degree in anything, and was unable to focus. He had constantly changed his mind from doing agriculture, art, biotechnology, to chemistry.

One extremely dark event was when Bakchos accidentally shot his colleague, Aleks, with an arrow during an archery tournament. The friends of Aleks’ never forgave Bakchos, and sought revenge ever since that accident.

A few months later, after he had worked at a café for two years, Bakchos lost his job. The economic crisis worsened, and was affecting cafés heavily. He was very sad, but decided to try fishing.

Aleks’ friends took this as an opportunity to take revenge! One of his Aleks’ old friends, Alastar, pretended to be a fishing equipment salesman. Once every week, Alastar would visit Bakchos, with extremely cheap offers on various items.

Alastar sold good quality fishing rods, nets, and various baits, such as red bloodworm, all for only a few euro. Bakchos liked his offers, and began to rely heavily on Alastar for fishing equipment. A few weeks later, Bakchos began to trust him as well, and even offered him dinner a few times.

Alastar then decided to put his evil plan into action. When Bakchos came to buy bait, he would taint one worm with odorless pesticide, and sell it with a mix of other worms. Bakchos didn’t wear gloves when handling worms, and was therefore vulnerable to Alastar’s vengeful plan.

Bakchos’s fishing job began to pay off, he was able to make a living out of it. But he still relied on Alastar’s products. Meanwhile, Alastar sold more and more tainted worms to Bakchos.

A month later, Bakchos became very ill, and wasn’t able to stand. He laid in bed for days, thinking it was just a cold. But when he tried to walk to a nearby hospital, he suddenly collapsed and died.

Bakchos’ death appeared in the newspapers the next day. He was found a kilometer from the hospital by pedestrians, and reported by doctors to have been poisoned, but nobody knew whether it was deliberate or accidental. Aleks’ friends celebrated with wine, after hearing the news.