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Book Reviews

My Favourite Books

The Histories By Herodotus (Review by Sebastian Sk. ~ 25 – March – 2016)

Herodotus was a Greek historian who lived from the early to the late fifth century B.C.E.. He is the equivalent to the travel blogger of today, and has written very interesting and insane accounts on events in the ancient world.

The version I have, translated by Robin Waterfield, consists of nine books that focus on four Persian kings with side stories of happenings that span from the Mediterranean Sea to India. The whole collection is written in simple English. Although there are terms which may not be understood (for example, a stade which is an old unit of measurement), there are extensive notes and glossaries at the end of the compilation to help with this.

The first few pages of book one begin with reasons for the hostilities between Greeks and Phoenicians (explained to be caused by several kidnappings of high-status women), and then fades into the life of Croesus, king of Lydia. The five-hundred and ninety pages of narrative by Herodotus are strewn with quotes from oracles, intriguing insects, commentaries on various cultures along the ancient civilization belt and other engaging matters. These topics make the collection very enjoyable to read, and an excellent source of unique ideas for anyone looking into game development.

Such stories like what are shown above are spread throughout the collection, and so you are never far from bizarre or captivating details. The only criticism I have is with the huge sag that begins around halfway through the anthology. There are exhausting records on the Greco-Persian wars such as the Battle of Salamis, and reading all of them can get tiresome quickly. Though, there is still a great deal of content that gives good entertainment value and elements of mellow drama (e.g. the battle between Persia and Massagetae).


The Histories by Herodotus shows the ancient world in a fascinating light, proving that history isn’t always boring.












Information, critique, economic opinions, and many other topics (location, brief history, etc..), on various countries according to specific individuals. Think of this as a small section of a travel guide. These were originally designed for geography lessons, and are organized alphabetically.


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The Philippines 

A presentation by Urshula Sk. (11 – February – 2015), on a country in Southeast Asia, that is trying to cope post-colonization and poverty.

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