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Various short fictional stories that were written by specific individuals. These were originally done for English class for homeschool, and are organized by date. The following tales are not allowed to be shared on other websites.


The Evil Cat

A short story by Urshula Sk. (28 – June – 2015), on a teleporting cat with sinister intentions.

There was a man named Daniel, who arrived in Singapore to visit a friend. After he left the airport, he rented a hotel room and unpacked his luggage there. He then walked to a nearby rental car service station to rent a cheap car.

After paying the rent fee, Daniel began the drive to his friend’s house. While he was driving, he saw a cat that was walking on the street. He was intrigued by it, so he stopped the car and watched it for a while. The cat was a red tabby, and it was meandering towards a row of potted bushes. Read More?


A Day In The Arboretum

A short comedy work by Sebastian Sk. (18 – August – 2015), on a man failing to paint trees.

There was a man named Klemens, who lived in North America. On a sunny day, he decided to visit an arboretum close to where he lived. He was a novice artist who admired trees, and found this stopover to be a great opportunity to catch up on capturing the artistry of the woods on paint.

After reaching the acreage of colourful woodlands by bus, Klemens strolled to a lake surrounded by vegetation of various shades and began to establish his working area. He set up an easel with a sheet of canvas near the body of water, and prepared his oil paint mixes on a wooden palette. Read More?


The Worm

A short story by Sebastian Sk. (26 – May – 2015), on a man with a dark history of accidental murder.

There was a man named Bakchos, who lived near the shores of Greece. He was twenty-six years old, and worked as a part-time owner of a café. Although Greece was going through an economic crisis, he had a good life, but a dark history.

In Bakchos’ university days, he had often stolen money from his colleagues, and spent it unwisely on various university courses. He never had a degree in anything, and was unable to focus. He had constantly changed his mind from doing agriculture, art, biotechnology, to chemistry. Read More?

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