The Evil Cat – Urshula Sk.

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tec_featured_imageThere was a man named Daniel, who arrived in Singapore to visit a friend. After he left the airport, he rented a hotel room and unpacked his luggage there. He then walked to a nearby rental car service station to rent a cheap car.

After paying the rent fee, Daniel began the drive to his friend’s house. While he was driving, he saw a cat that was walking on the street. He was intrigued by it, so he stopped the car and watched it for a while. The cat was a red tabby, and it was meandering towards a row of potted bushes.

Being curious, Daniel stepped out of his car and sauntered over to the potted bushes. When he looked behind the vegetation, he saw three cats which also included the red tabby. They were sitting around a dead rat while staring at him. Having felt a very eerie feeling, he got back to his car and drove on.

Thirty minutes later, Daniel reached his friend’s house. His friend, Alois, was an art exhibition manager, who needed Daniel’s help with finances. After a lengthy afternoon, Daniel wished his friend goodbye and promised to come back soon for non-business matters. He then drove back to his hotel.

When Daniel walked inside his hotel room, he saw a red tabby sitting on the dining table. It was the same cat which he saw earlier in the day. He checked his room for open windows, but they were all closed. He then thought to himself that it might have been a maid who accidentally let it in. But he wasn’t happy letting a stray cat stay in his room, it could have a dangerous disease.

Daniel tried to get the cat out of his room, but it would always manage to find a way back inside. He gave it a few pieces of ham, thinking it was hungry, but it still stayed. When night struck, he decided to let the cat stay. It was too much trouble trying to get rid of it.

When Daniel woke up the following morning, he saw a dead cat next to his bed! He was shocked. He hurriedly looked around his hotel room for open windows again and checked the door, but they were all locked.

Daniel walked around his room cautiously trying to find the red tabby, and he did. But its face was covered in blood. He was so frightened by the sight, that he ran out of his room without a second thought.

Daniel hurried down to the first-story of the hotel to tell the manager about. But he laughed, and told Daniel to remove it himself. Daniel was extremely scared, so he decided to drive to his friend’s house to spend the morning there.

When it was one o’clock in the afternoon, Daniel drove back to his hotel. When he slowly stepped inside his room, he was relieved to see that both cats were gone. But there were still blood-stains on the floor.

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