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A Very Important Note!

The owners of this website, Sebastian Sk. and Urshula Sk., do not own any Facebook or other social media accounts. If you come into contact with someone on any social media website who claims to be one of the owners of this website, DO NOT TAKE THEIR WORD!! They are most probably impersonators. The owners of this website would never join a social media site under any circumstances.



Ninja Doggy Inc is mainly a game-development website that is worked on by two people, with some guest content as well. Originally having started out as a source of animations and game addons, this site is slowly turning towards independent game design and art.

A miniature version of an abstract art-piece that Urshula Sk. worked on.

Sebastian Sk.

I’m an aspiring game developer and owner of Ninja Doggy Inc. The name for this site came from a few game ideas I had thought up a few years ago, mostly involving protagonist ninja dogs. Over the years, I have built several worlds (commonly known as addons) for a Hamumu Software game I like very much (Dr Lunatic Supreme With Cheese), and now I’m slowly beginning to enter independent game design. My sister, Urshula Sk., helps with some of the art, and my friend Paul Gz. occasionally comes up with guest posts. I am also known by other names (REACTOR and Perry Steven) across fora on the internet (though don’t trust any accounts with my pseudo-names as they may be impersonators). Lastly, I share a Youtube channel with Paul Gz.(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdVycmHS_o5WG0tEIambvDg) that covers various topics consisting of gaming and others.

Urshula Sk.

My name is Urshula, or you can simply call me by my nickname, Pup. I do anime art (mostly traditional and some pixel chibi art). I also have a Deviant Art account, where most of my drawings are posted on (http://iamalexius.deviantart.com). I sometimes upload posts on Ninja Doggy Inc and they are mostly about art. That is all the relevant information about me and I am the second owner of this website.


A pointillism portrait of our pet dog created by Urshula Sk..

Paul Gz.

*Profile still under construction*