Various pieces of artwork designed by the owners of Ninja Doggy Inc, which include drawings done by hand and on computer, independent games and animation films. Essentially anything that was designed using an art, whether that was the art of drawing or the art of game development. But keep in mind that permission must be asked first before the following content can be used by any third parties – such as you, the reader.

Digital and Traditional Art

Art designed in various computer applications such as Krita, GIMP and Windows Paint. Created by the administrators of this website (Urshula and Sebastian Sk.), the following pieces of art come in various genres from horror to science fiction.

Urshula Sk.’s Artwork

Due to the massive amount of art produced by Urshula Sk., viewers will have to see her profile on DeviantArt to browse through all her works: The volume of images previously posted on this page were simply too much for the website host to handle, which would cause the editing window to freeze.

Sebastian Sk.’s Artwork

Game Development

Games, including worlds designed in in-game editors, created using different game engines mostly by Sebastian Sk. and to a lesser extent Urshula Sk..

Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese Worlds

In order to play these worlds which are presented as non-standard files, the game Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese must be downloaded and installed. Update (16 – December – 2017): The designer of this game, Mike Hommel, has recently released his decade old creations for free. Therefore, they can be obtained without hassle from the ludum sharing website…

Halloween Horror 13 – RR – The impossible story of a clandestine group hungry for the awesome fury of the beyond.

Developed by REACTOR a.k.a. SebastianSk in the year 2012-2013, it was designed based on nine names voted for by the official Hamumu Software community for the annual Halloween Horror world building contest held almost every year. It went through three revisions before finally being completely polished, with the new plot of the “impossible story of a clandestine organisation hungry for the awesome fury of the beyond”. In the nine levels you play as Bouayur, a disgruntled village eye living in a fictional state of the U.S.A. who is plunged into trying to save Yurovilig from destruction at the hands of reckless occultists.

Author(s): REACTOR
Download (Yandex):

Type: .zip | Contents: 1 .dlw, 1 .bmp, 28 .txt

World Of Lunacy – A collection of challenging levels designed by Hammer Up and edited by REACTOR that pushes the editor to its limit.

Developed by Hammer Up! some years ago and edited by REACTOR, this world is a collection forty-four levels featuring gameplay with uniquely customised monsters and terrain. It was built to push the capabilities of the editor for the game to the limit, showcasing stunning action including a Space Invader’s like level. From mash’em up to tower defense, this world exhibits multiple types of gameplay.

Author(s): Hammer Up! and REACTOR
Download (Yandex):

Type: .zip | Contents: 1 .dlw, 1 .flc, 1 .bmp, 11 .txt

Yearly Merge I – A collection of ancient themed levels designed by four participants.

Having began in 2015, it was finally finished in the last quarter of 2016 after a long awaiting participant finally submitted his levels.This world was designed based on the “ancient” theme, thus all levels have their basis on places and things from 1,000,000 B.C.E. to 750 C.E.. Standing at being eight levels long, this world features a few gems and some quite challenging gameplay.

Author(s): HappyStikBeaver, Pup514, REACTOR and Triangular (the “Four Assyrians”)
Download (Yandex):

Type: .zip | Contents: 1 . dlw, 4 .jsp, 6 .bmp, 1 .ogg, 16 .txt

Assistance Required in Order to Play Worlds?

As you would have noticed, the worlds on this website come in a .zip format. There are a few simple steps required in order to run them which are as follows:

  • Have Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese installed and have the location of the directory noted.
  • Download and unzip the archive to extract a varying number of folders which are usually named as “worlds” and “user”.
  • Copy the folders from the extracted .zip and paste them in the directory where the game is installed.
  • Your computer will then give you a list of options on what to do with the folders, click “merge”.
  • You are now ready to enjoy.