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Sebastian Szymczyk - Owner of Ninja Doggy Inc

Having first started this website as a platform for sharing worlds developed for the family-friend game of Dr Lunatic Supreme With Cheese (from Hamumu Software) and other game making adventures, this site is now being transformed into a platform for content tending more towards university studies, applied research and computer programming (but still retaining some game development matter). The vision therefore is that of an eclectic website. At the moment studies are being undertaken in an undergraduate degree at the Silesian University of Technology under the faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

Alexius Airis (Pseudo-Name) - Co-Owner of Ninja Doggy Inc

An aspiring artist who has a time investment in the running of Ninja Doggy Inc. Specialised in the Japanese style of art and drawings, there are many pieces to her name particularly on the art sharing platform "DeviantArt".

Ninja Doggy Inc is, for the moment, a non-profit organisation. It is not affiliated with any other organisations, and is thereby a completely independent entity. It does not have affiliated accounts associated with any social media platforms. If anyone tries to claim to be the owners of the website or other individuals associated with the running of this website from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… please feel free to report them as they are most likely imposters.

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