My friends, I am back!

My, my, my what a long time it has been but it feels so short. Firstly, I most deeply apologise for my absence. I became pretty isolated and devoted most of my time to study for my exams earlier this year. Heh, I pretty much cut contact with my online friends then too. I’m sorry Paul ^^;. But it was very much worth it as I came out with an A+ for each of my science subjects. Not to brag or anything :). Alas I have exams yet again but this time it is lighter, so I have more time than I did months ago.

There was another reason for my disappearance. (Not just that I’m a lazy bag of bones.) I wanted some time to improve my art. I didn’t want you guys to view such horribly crude depictions of my work no more. No more I say! I do have pride y’know? I hope you will enjoy my not-so-bad art now. I’m finally feeling satisfied now that I’ve put aside time to study male anatomy more thoroughly. Though, is it necessary to memorise all the muscles and bones? XD

Now, new things. “Pup514” and “IPupAwesome” are just unimaginative names that I just thought of on a whim. So, I though of a new internet identity that I would like to be known as. I can randomly change my name like that right? It is the internet after all. I now call myself Alexius Airis. Alex for short. Better isn’t it? I think so. My brother has the identity of Perry Steven. It is only fitting that I have a proper identity too instead of “Pup”.

Oh yeah. YOu may have realised this a while ago, but the account “IPupAwesome” one Deviantart doesn’t exist anymore. I deleted it. Ehh, you can’t change your username for free on DA, so I made a new account. Here is the link: https://iamalexius.deviantart.com

I’m not sure what characters to draw or fandom to join yet as I don’t have a particular interest in anything specific right now. Except for cough non-family friendly cough material cough. So, I encourage any suggestions~! Especially from you brother <.<

I shall depart now. Till then, see you.

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